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lyric and loud old D28

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  • lyric and loud old D28

    just installed and sounds great!- EQ settings -6db all 5 bands for natural sound. which preamp would be adequate for PA compatibility?

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    Hey James,
    I'm glad to hear that you are liking the Lyric in your D-28. I'm happy to help you pick out a preamp that will help you interface with a PA.

    I would recommend the Para DI or the Venue DI for a good external preamp/DI. I've used the Para DI for about 10 years, and the Venue for almost 5, now- and both have excellent features that compliment the Lyric. I would probably recommend the Venue over the Para DI, mostly because of the Venue's extra Mid-EQ band and more precise Notch Filter. The Para DI will definitely work well with the Lyric, but the added features of the Venue DI definitely give an extra amount of control that can be helpful in more "uncontrolled" environments.

    Since the Lyric is a microphone, it will react to different rooms and amps/PA systems in a variety of ways. Being able to control that response is a big benefit. The isolated DI on the Venue makes for a very clean output into any PA system.

    If you have any more questions about the Para DI or the Venue, just let me know.


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      aren't these preamps designed for pickups?


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        The Para DI and the Venue DI were both designed to work as multi-instrument preamps. They are not specifically designed for pickups either. I've used my Para DI with a Mandolin, Violin, Electric Bass/Guitar, Keyboard, as well as a bunch of other things in the studio. I've used the Venue for a lot of that stuff too, I just haven't had it as long Actually, I've even used a SM58 dynamic microphone with a 1/4" adapter, into the Para DI. I needed some extra EQ for the mic, and it worked really well.

        So there are no incompatibilities there, as far as pickups vs. mics. The Lyric cannot be solely powered by the Venue or the Para DI, but it interfaces with both preamps very well as a second gain stage. All of our Lyric demos on our website were recorded through Venue DI's.