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Venue XLR out issues

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  • Venue XLR out issues

    I run my Collings/Lyric through the Venue. I love it when it works but I've had issues and now to the point where I'm not sure I trust it. I never have a problem when we set up our own Mackie head but on two different occasions it has failed on house systems..... no output, nada, zip, dead. Plug a mic into the XLR and it works fine, but no signal from the Venue.

    On one stage I tried 3 different XLR cables, didn't work, bypassed the Venue and went straight to the board from guitar to get through the show. The other stage didn't have an available guitar jack, don't know if that would have worked, played through a mic. Got home and checked it on my Fishman amp and it works fine. Has anybody else experienced this? I'm not a gearhead, maybe I'm missing something simple?

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    Hey Jim,
    That's definitely weird. I don't know that I've ever seen a Venue where the DI output was intermittent that consistently from one place to the next. If the DI output was going in and out, you should be able to hear it. It sounds like something related to the house system, but it's difficult to say how. If the line was working with a mic, it should work with the DI. Assuming the settings on the board were the same between tests.

    If you have access to a backup DI (preferably passive), you can try to use the 1/4" output into the other DI to see if that works when the Venue's DI output doesn't. Just an idea.


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      Thanks Caleb. Yep, it was really odd. The first time it happened I blew it off as an unknown quirk. This time it concerned me. The only thing I could imagine being possible was a sloppy XLR connection but the prongs on the XLR jack are not damaged and it felt solid plugged in,. Who knows, maybe the sound tech did something goofy. This was a festival setting, walk on, quick sound check, no time to troubleshoot. I'll be prepared if it happens again. Hopefully it was just coincidental but thought I'd check in here to see if you guys had seen this before.


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        Sounds good, Jim. If you have any more trouble, just shoot me an email at [email protected], and we can go from there.


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          Another question within Venue XLR out issues.
          I just bought a Venue DI. It runs on batteries or power adapter. Not on phantompower. No problem so far.
          But I can't find anywher if phantompower will damage it when it is turned on using the Venue.
          Other players use a radial pro48 on phantoms power and I can't see if they switch that off when my Venue is plugged in.
          So when they forget to switch of the phantom power, will that damage my Venue?


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            Hey Jan,
            The Phantom Power will have no effect on the Venue at all. The transformer-coupled output filters out the voltage, so it won't do any damage.


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              Thanks, so it is no problem