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Lyric & Venue with Collings DS2HA 12 fret dreadnaught ... IT'S GOOD!!

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  • Lyric & Venue with Collings DS2HA 12 fret dreadnaught ... IT'S GOOD!!

    I don't do reviews often but felt this one was deserving. I've needed a pickup for years but could never find anything that I felt would give me decent natural sound without feedback issues. I heard about the Lyric, read all the reviews, good and bad, and decided to go for the Lyric Venue combo.

    I've had the Lyric installed in my Collings DS2HA for 5 months now and have nothing but good things to say about it. I'm not a tech or a luthier but after speaking with the techs at both Collings and Baggs I chose to do the installation myself. The scary part was drilling out the endpin but after that it was simple and straightforward. The entire install took appx 30 minutes.

    I play in an all acoustic bluegrass group and usually struggle to hear my guitar through stage monitors, can never get enough monitor without feedback. My expectations were basic, I just wanted decent sound out front, and the ability to hear myself in the monitors without feedback. The presence control on the Lyric was pretty easy to get right. With EQ set flat it's a little "honky/quacky" but by dialing the mids down on the Venue I get a good natural sound with zero feedback issues. I was a little concerned about external/pick noise but that's not been an issue for me. I've had opportunities to use it on stage at different types of indoor and outdoor venues and it's worked great, just ask the house sound to set your channel flat. (Also ask them to turn it down 'cause the Venue sends a strong signal!) It has greatly exceeded my expectations, the sound is better than decent, it's the most natural sounding plug-in-and-play pickup I've ever heard. And I didn't realize how much I'd like the boost function and the tuner on the Venue.

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    sounds perfect to me


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      Great review, Jim!

      Thanks for sharing.