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Effect Send & Return for Venue DI

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  • Effect Send & Return for Venue DI

    First of all, I'm new to this forum. I've had my Venue for about a year and a half. It's AWESOME. I have a piece of shit acoustic guitar, and this Venue makes it sound golden!!!

    Ok, I'm not too well versed in effects loops, so here is my issue: As long as I've had my Venue I've run it as follows: 1/4" Input > 1/4" Output > chorus pedal > delay pedal > 1/4" in on Mackie PA. It has sounded great.

    Well, I just got a QSC Touchmix 8, and thought I'd try to use the XLR out from the Venue. But if I understand the process correctly, that means that to use my chorus & delay pedals, I have to go as follows: Venue Send > chorus pedal > delay pedal > Venue Return. I tried that and the input channel on the PA had a lot of noise from the pedals. BTW, I had the trim of the input channel as low as it could go. The delay starts to loop to infinity, generating a rise to what feels like impending feedback. Overall, this is just very noisy. If I go back to my original path, bypassing the XLR of the DI, it sounds fine and quiet.

    Am I doing something incorrectly? Is the effect send and return of the Venue intended for rack mounted effects only? I'd appreciate any input!

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    Hey Ribno,
    Can you tell me which delay your using?

    Also, what are you using to power the pedals?


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      I'm using a Blaxx mini delay and a Blaxx mini chorus. They're both powered w/ the same power adapter (Truetone 1 Spot) that powers the Venue as well.


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        If you can shoot me an email at [email protected], I will see what I can do to help you out with that. It should be a simple fix.The Venue should definitely be quiet with effects in or out of the FX loop.