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    Hello guys!

    I am new to this forum! So hopefully I can be useful and share experiences! For now I have a question. I have been searching for quite long now for the correct pick up for my J45 2006 model. It's a standard and I bought it used. It came without the original pick up and I am trying to buy the one it came with. I have been told that could be a fishman (2005 and down models used to come with fishman pu). I know too that the 2007 and up comes with L.R. Baggs element undersattle. The one I am searching comes with the red and black wire, black nylon bag for the battery, silver plug and a volume control. I think it should be this one:

    I just can't find this model anywhere. Does someone knows where can I buy it?

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    Hey fauvent,
    Welcome to the forum!

    From the description you've given, I would actually guess that the system was a Fishman. The Element you've included a pictured is actually an older version of the Element (circa 2001), which is probably why you can't find it.

    I dug into this a little, but in the J45's that I found from 2006, some had Baggs and some had Fishman. So there wasn't much consistency there. If you're looking at pictures, our black and white battery wire was straight. The Fishman battery wire was twisted.

    I hope that helps.


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      Thanks for your answer Caleb_Elling,

      Actually I found exactly the same, some fishman some element. But as you said, the one with the volume control, and the straight cable are LR Baggs. Since the guitar I am trying to restore has evicence of glue where the volume control tipicly is, I assumed that it was a LR Baggs. Anyway, as you said is practicly imposible to find that model, unless it's used or from an ebay auction.

      Anyway if someone is reading this and has that LR Baggs model, and is willing to sell it, please contact me!

      And Caleb_Elling it was really helpful. Thanks again!