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Element active in Kala Californian UBass solid body DOA

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  • Element active in Kala Californian UBass solid body DOA

    Just got my new Kala solid body Californian UBass yesterday. Battery(9v)OK, feeble output, D string mute. Changed to Aquila Reds, repositioned the element and flattened the saddle underside, now have perfect output into my PJB Briefcase amp. Great bass tone, more like electric bass guitar than upright bass (I play both professionally) but a great electric instrument (the Koa fretted).

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    Hey Suzi01,
    I'm glad to hear that you were able to correct the issues that you were experiencing.

    Kala is usually pretty good with their factory installations, but weird things do happen.

    Thanks for sharing.


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      Did another setup on my Kala Californian solid body Koa fretted 4string, wasn't completely happy with preamp output and string balance. Made a new saddle (a painstaking milling machine job on the saddle underside) with much closer clearance to the saddle slot from a well seasoned block of Gidgee. Gidgee is an incredibly hard and dense Australian desert hardwood.
      I now am able to back off my PJB briefcase at least 14 db to get the same volume in the venue I played at last night compared to my previous set up using the original Kala rosewood saddle.
      I am a pro muso and luthier here in North Queensland, Australia