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IBeam passive weak on first and second strings

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  • IBeam passive weak on first and second strings


    I've got an IBeam Passive which has been installed in an OM for years, probably 2001 or so, installed professionally.

    It provides a really good warm sound but it's always been weak on strings 1&2 since installation (I'm pretty sure that the tech who installed it did some experimentation with location bc the package does not have the full complement of adhesive strips).

    I can correct for the string-to-string imbalance with a good preamp (using a Raven, and boosting treble), but I'd like to know what to do, if I can manage to get it detached (another concern - it's been on there for a long time), to improve treble response.


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    Hey Matt H,
    Moving the pickup over a little bit is probably the best way to try and get a better balance from your guitar, The adhesive should still come off pretty clean, even though it's old.

    If you need to get some additional adhesives, shoot me an email at [email protected], and I'll see what I can do!


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      Hello Caleb,

      i moved the IBeam a bit less than a centimeter towards the treble and it's much better.

      thanks for your advice!