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Equipment Destroyed: Starting Over Advice

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  • Equipment Destroyed: Starting Over Advice

    Hi all,

    My home flooded to 40" in August of last year (Baton Rouge area) and much of my music equipment (among other things) was destroyed. Fortunately, I have recently returned to my home and need to replace some of the lost equipment so I can start gigging again.

    I had a Venue DI and used it with several guitars with Lyric pickups installed. This setup sounded great! I will definitely replace the Venue DI. However, I am considering using an Anthem or Anthem SL pickup instead of the Lyric. Why? Well, certainly not because I had any problem with the Lyrics. They were fantastic and truly reproduced the sound of my guitar better than anything that I've heard before.

    However, I have heard some describe the sound of the anthem as "fuller" and "airy." Since I often do solo gigs maybe the Anthem will enhance my sound in some way. So I am really just looking for your opinions about the Lyric vs the Anthem for a solo gigger (guitar/vocals). Fyi, I also occasionally gig with percussionist and upright bass.

    Lyric vs. Anthem. Thoughts?


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    Hey CJ,
    Thanks for posting.

    If you've read any of my posts, you probably know that I'm a huge fan of the Anthem SL. It sits right in the sweet spot between the Lyric and the Anthem, giving you simplicity, without sacrificing the natural sound of the instrument.

    The Anthem, in general, does sound s bit more beefy and full compared to the Lyric, but that's really due to the UST carrying the bass frequencies. The Airy quality of the Anthem is pretty similar to the Lyric, depending on how the Lyric's presence is set.

    If you liked the Lyric, but want to fill in the sound a bit for a smaller ensemble, the Anthem SL would definitely be a solid choice.


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      Thanks for the quick reply, Caleb. So, what benefit is there in purchasing the full Anthem vs. the Anthem SL? It seems as though you believe that the SL settings are pretty dialed in as is and that in most cases there is simply no benefit to purchasing the full Anthem version. Also, is there a weight difference between the two?

      Forgive me for throwing a curveball here, but I noticed that many full-time pros use the LB6. It appeals to me because the weight is considerable less than the Anthem. Why should I choose the Anthem SL over the LB6?


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        The main tonal benefit of the Anthem is in it's flexibility, i.e. you can add in more undersaddle pickup into the mix. Some people like to blend over to the UST for more punch or snap when playing certain styles or soloing. This can help to cut through a band mix, but it does sound less like the guitar.

        The Anthem, with a battery weighs just under 6 oz, while the SL with a battery weighs just under 4 oz. The preamp, which is most of the regular Anthem's weight, is mounted to the top, near the soundhole. The SL's preamp is mounted to the tailblock, which is significantly more isolated from the top.

        As far as people using the LB6, most of the pro-users are fingerstyle players who use the LB6 for it's distinct string to string separation. The LB6 definitely is definitely more renowned for it's unique tonal quality, rather than it's accurate representation of the instrument. The people who love the LB6 will probably never play anything else though.


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          Thanks again, Caleb! Great explanations! I am going to listen to a few recordings of LB6's. I'm probably going to go with an Anthem SL though.

          Happy playing