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Intermittent Crackling Sound in LR Baggs Stage Pro Element

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  • Intermittent Crackling Sound in LR Baggs Stage Pro Element

    Hello, I have a Breedlove D-25 Black Magic Acoustic Guitar with the Stage Pro Element. It is 7 years old and I gig with it regularly. The last 2 months it produces an intermittent random crackling breaking up sound during gigs. I have also heard it occasionally when practicing through my acoustic amp. I run it through an LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI box. Switching to my other guitar, a Godin A-6 Ultra produces no such sounds. It is clean and no breakup sounds with the Godin. I have put new battery after new battery in the Stage Pro Element. I have had 2 techs look at it and they cannot get it to reproduce the problem. They cleaned the Pre-Amp and its controls with DeOxit. I go to gig with it and bam! Breakup Crackling noise again on the 1st two songs of the set. Switch guitars and I never hear it again. Any ideas? I am to the point where I feel I need to replace the entire Onboard electronics or get a new guitar.

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    Hey jryan464,
    Thanks for posting.

    Do you use any wireless gear when you play live? Or perform with a cellphone in your pocket?

    Aside from interference, if I had to guess based on what you're telling me, I would say that the issue is probably in the output jack. The output jack is usually a bit more suspect, simply based on how much physical wear and tear it gets.