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More detailed information on Venue DI settings?

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  • More detailed information on Venue DI settings?

    Can anyone tell me where to find a more detailed explanation of how to use the settings on the Venue DI than is provided in the user's manual. I have no idea how the sweep knobs work in conjunction with the midrange knobs. I don't understand the purpose of the volume knob going to a guitar amp (why would you run through a guitar amp simultaneously with running directly into a sound system?) The feedback I get appears to be from string vibration and is not diminished by using the notch knob. Is "presence" controlling a range between treble and kids? Etc. Thanks. Kevin

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    Hey makemerry,
    I hope I can help. The Venue is a very powerful, yet fairly complicated unit, so if I'll try my best to explain it well.

    The two sweepable ‘tune’ knobs on the Venue select the specific frequencies that the Mid knobs above them will boost or attenuate. The frequencies that they control are written around the knobs themselves. The 'tune' knob below the ‘mid-low’ will select any frequency between 100 and 500 Hz, and the knob below the ‘mid-high’ selects anything from 500 through 2,000 Hz. The selected frequency will be boosted or lowered by the knobs above them (low mid or hi mid), as I mentioned.

    The Venue's Volume knob only controls the 1/4" output. As a pro audio standard, Di outputs are fixed, giving the sound guys a more consistent signal level. The 1/4" is adjustable so that you can more easily control the level going into an onstage amp or monitor. Most players don't need to run into an amp as well as the PA, but some players like to use their own acoustic amps as a personal monitor. I personally prefer to simply run into the house from the XLR.

    The Notch Filter on the Venue is basically a sweepable EQ with a very precise cut. It has a fixed cut depth of -21dB, and switching it from "off" to "360" allows you to cut a single feedback frequency (between 60 and 360Hz). In order to use it most effectively, you have to let the guitar feed back a little. Once the guitar begins to feed back, slowly sweep the Notch from left to right until you hear the feedback frequency drop out. If you are using one guitar, this frequency should be the same in the majority of playing situations. Since the Notch is so precise, it can be very easy to skip over the feedback frequency if you try to sweep too fast.

    The Presence EQ is fixed at 3kHz, which is in between the Hi Mid and Treble and is usually where you hear those fret-squeak and string noise frequencies. Boosting it can add some brilliance to the sound of some pickups. Cutting it can help to remove some overly "bright" sounds from other pickups.

    Knowing how to use the Venue effectively definitely made a big difference for me, as a player. So I hope this helps you.

    All the best!