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I Beam iMix metallic tone issue.

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  • I Beam iMix metallic tone issue.

    I have recently installed an iBeam iMix onboard system. I am experiencing extremely high metallic and tinny tone from the iBeam. The UST seems to be working properly, but the iBeam is pretty much ear piercing and unusable. It was installed correctly as per the instructions and the gain was adjusted properly.
    Has anyone else experienced this metallic, squeaky, tin like tone on your iBeam before?

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    Hey Marc,
    I believe that Morgan responded to the email that you send in this morning.

    As far as my experience, I've seen the iBeam respond in a wide variety of ways to different guitars and placements. If the iBeam is sounding harsh, it might be a good idea to play with the placement of the pickup a little. I would try moving it away from the center of the bridge-plate, more towards the bass side to start. Then see what kind of tonal shift you get.


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      Thanks Caleb...I did move it twice without success, but I'll give it another go as suggested. Yes, Morgan was actually quite swift in a very professional response. I have to say that LR Baggs support and customer service is really on the ball. Thanks for that.


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        I'm glad that we could help!