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Venue DI effects loop problem

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  • Venue DI effects loop problem

    So I have a problem with setting up an effects loop with my Venue DI. So first off I have a Line 6 G30 wireless taking my guitar input. This feeds into my Venue DI 1/4". From there I want to send a clean signal to my TC Helicon Play Acoustic to add some effects, i.e. reverb, delay, and then send it back to the Venue, using the effects loop. From the Venue I'm trying to send it to the Session DI through 1/4" to compress with effects and then out to PA using the Session XLR. I have an XLR to 1/4" TRS cable on the output of the Acoustic Play sending the loop back to the Venue but it doesn't feed into my Venue but it will feed into my Session and work. I've checked into the Acoustic Play manual and I'm sending the vocals and guitar separately through it's respective XLR output. I've tried sending my clean signal to the Session through my effects loop and it works and returns it fine. Just wondering where the hiccup is with the Acoustic Play. I've got everything powered by the 1SPOT Pro CS7, everything one single power nothing daisy chained. Hopefully this makes sense.

    Guitar<>G30<>Venue<>Effects loop(Acoustic play), Session, amp(Marshall AS100D)

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    Hey wingman299,
    Just to clarify-

    When you run the Acoustic Play in the effects loop of the Venue, you don't get a signal at all, right? But you do if you run the Session in the loop?


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      Well after some looking at everything. My 1/4" jack on my Venue works just fine when you turn up the volume knob to send it out. So I guess the main question now is do I run the session before the Acoustic Play or after the Venue?
      G30<>Acoustic Play<>Venue<>(Effects loop, distortion, blues distortion)<>Session<>PA speakers or
      G30<>Session<>Acoustic Play<>Venue<>(Effects loop, distortion, blues distortion)<>PA speakers(how I have it setup currently)
      I've tried both and it does change the tone slightly and I would have to adjust the pedals in the effect loop but they included in the compression before sending out, which I kind of like the idea of.


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        I would personally shoot for the setup you have now, with the Session first. I just like how the Session performs when you put it first in line.