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  • Venue DI Acoustic hum

    Hi there -

    I've been using my Venue DI acoustic for just under a year, and recently I've been experiencing a hum when I plug it into either my amp or various PA systems. I've tried the following to eliminate the hum to no avail:

    - Switched from using power supply to battery
    - Flipped the ground lift switch
    - Replaced cables

    I even ran my pedal chain directly to the amp just to see if it was the amp, and there was no hum sound.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for troubleshooting?

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    Hey BanjoBry,
    Are you running any effects with the Venue? Either in line, or in the FX loop?


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      Hi Caleb - I do run effects (usually with the fx loop), but I still get the hum even I remove the pedals from the equation entirely.


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        That's definitely odd. If you want to shoot me an email at [email protected], we can go over options for getting your DI checked out and repaired.


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          First-time poster here, experiencing a somewhat similar issue. Apologies if I've posted in the wrong place or if this is already answered elsewhere.
          I've been using a Venue DI for about 7-8 years now and overall have loved it. However since the beginning I have noticed some "quirks" when using it in-line with effects, which I have always been able to work around. Now I would like to put my Fx in the loop and cannot get it to work at all for me.
          When I first tried using the Venue along with effects placed before the DI (initially just a looping pedal), I noticed major noise/hum if the Venue and Fx shared the same power supply (eg. daisy-chained from a OneSpot). Even using two separate power supplies, the Venue was a bit noisy if powered via the 9V socket. On battery it worked how I would expect, so I have always only used it with a battery, and powered my effects separately.
          Recently I have tried putting my other pedals in the Fx Loop, but regardless of the power supply used (even with battery) there is hum and interference whenever a cable is connected to the Fx Loop Return jack.
          The only configuration I have found which works, is to power the Venue by battery and place all effects before the DI. This works OK, but it is a little inconvenient for setting up a pedalboard because I need to disconnect the input jack when not in use (to spare the battery), and I am left wondering whether the Fx Loop would be a better option if I could find a way to try it out.
          Thanks for any help or suggestions.


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            Originally posted by PaulM View Post
            there is hum and interference whenever a cable is connected to the Fx Loop Return jack..
            Hey Paul,
            If your Venue is 7-8 years old, a factory modification could help to get rid of this issue. If you want to email me at [email protected] I can tell you what's involved.