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EQing IBeam Passive

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  • EQing IBeam Passive

    Hello -

    In terms of basic EQ for an IBeam passive, I've found that it's necessary to relatively severely cut the mids, cut the lows a bit, and boost the highs. \
    I've used the following preamps with it, and all require this to some extent:
    - Baggs PADI - less of a cut required than with others - does this have a preset mid-cut? If so, can you tell me what frequencies and what is attenuated?
    - Raven PMB-1 - severe mid cut, some low cut, and treble boost.
    - Pendulum SPS - pretty severe mid cut and low cut and treble boost
    - Rane AP-13 - low cut at a bit below 80, mid cut at the 630 band and a little cut at 250 and 1.6k

    Is this 'normal' for an iBeam? I've moved it around and it's much improved, but the frequency cuts make me wonder whether or not I've got it placed well, or if I could do better still....


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    Hey Matt,
    It's difficult to say what "normal" is for the iBeam in any given guitar. In my experience, all passive pickups need a good bit of EQ'ing to get the best tone, and the iBeam isn't any different. Cable length and pickup placement can definitely make a big difference in the base tone of the pickup, but every pickup has it's overall pro's and con's. In my opinion, the iBeam has a great, natural low end, but the highs can lack a natural "air" in some guitars. When I had the iBeam passive in my parlor guitar, I didn't need a lot of EQ, but I still cut some low-mids and some presence on my Para DI to really dial it in.

    The Para DI doesn't have any kind of preset EQ curve built into it. So it could just be the differences in the preamp-stages of each unit that you're hearing.


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      Thanks, Caleb.