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Anthem SL - unbalanced strings

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  • Anthem SL - unbalanced strings

    i noticed the higher midrange is really pronounced at the g and b string. If I tap on the saddle with a pick (when plugged in) you can definately hear more volume from this area. Is this sound transferred from the element or the mic?

    I changed from a bone saddle to tusq to see if it is something with the saddle but not much difference. Seems I am always trying to eq this area out. If I get that area somewhat, eq'ed out, it takes the life/warmth out of the guitar. I have tried adjusting the mic up and down but these strings are still definitely louder. Don't notice it unplugged. But plugged in is bad.

    The guitar is a Martin D-16gt. Thanks for any help anyone can give me. I did the install myself and have done many in the past. This one didn't seem very complicated. I only adjusted the saddle height a little. Bottom of the saddle is very flat when checked with a straight edge under light.

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    Hey Marty,
    If the G and B are louder, then that would be an issue with the saddle. If you're getting an overtone in the upper-mids, then that would be the mic.

    I've found that Martin Dreds often have a loud B string when amplified, but the G in this case is a little odd. If you've tried bone and Tusq, and are getting the same results, then you may need to tweak things a bit.

    As far as the mic tone, if you're dial in the saddle first, and still have issues in the upper-mids, then changing the mic placement will probably help. I would definitely try to dial in the saddle first though.

    If you want to shoot me an email at [email protected], I can walk you through some things to try for your saddle balance.


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      Thanks Caleb. I sent you an email. Forgot to ask about strings. Would that make a difference?


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        Originally posted by Marty C View Post
        Thanks Caleb. I sent you an email. Forgot to ask about strings. Would that make a difference?
        I just replied to your email.

        Typically strings don't make much of a difference. They will change the tone, but the balance is usually much more of a subtle change, if anything at all.