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    I have used my Session with 4 different personal pickup systems in my guitars and I have used it sparingly with other guitar players' rigs as I run sound for a monthly guitar society meeting. When I hear a guitar with a particularly bass heavy sound I use the high pass filter. I find the resulting sound to still have ample bass no matter what cut off setting I used. The result is a very natural sounding mids and highs and still enough low rumble. I was assuming that a high pass filter cut off all sound below the set point. Is that not true? Why am I still hearing plenty of low end? Nobody has ever complained of not having enough bottom end when i have used it.

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    Hey Vance,
    The HPF does remove lower frequencies from your signal. Acoustic guitars (unplugged) don't typically have a lot of sound in the 40-100Hz range. So, at the 80Hz setting, you're only cutting low end noise in most guitars. At the 120Hz, you'll actually start to hear a bass roll-off if you have a healthy amount of bass to start with. The 200Hz setting is usually more than most people would need to cut. Some players will use it in larger bands that have other low frequency instruments. They'll cut more bass out of their guitar to make room for the other instruments.

    Of course, what you hear largely depends on what system you're playing through. If you don't have any subwoofers, you may not notice as much of a difference in the different settings.