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Lyric with Second Source Questions for Taylor Grand Symphony

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  • Lyric with Second Source Questions for Taylor Grand Symphony

    I didn't like the feedback on the K&K thinking I would go to a dual source system. I am thinking a Baggs LB6 or Sunrise Mag paired with a Lyric. I'm looking for something that is feedback resistant.

    My second question is if I go with the LB6, is it as simple as running a TRS and splitting it at the amp. I'm using a Rivera Sedona tube amp and don't want to stack preamps unless I have to.

    Would the LB6 or Sunrise be a better match for the Lyric?

    Between the TRS leaving the guitar and the Sedona Amp, what is recommended?

    Thank you

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    I just replied to your email, but I'll reply here too, for future viewers.

    Personally, I prefer the sound of the LB6 over the Sunrise. The Sunrise has some harsher magnetic tones that really work well for some people, but I find them to be to harsh to utilize in my own setup. The Sunrise is very mellow compared to many magnetic pickups, but the overall magnetic quality of most acoustic mag pickups is very unnatural to my ears.

    The LB6 and Sunrise are passive, so there will be a significant output difference between the Lyric and the LB6/Sunrise. Since the Rivera Sedona has a High-Z input (designed for passive acoustic and electric pickups), it should work fine without an external preamp on the LB/Sunrise.

    From the guitar to the amp, a Stereo-Y cable should be all that you need. The stereo end would go in the guitar, the "tip" cable end would go into channel 1, while the "ring" end would go into channel 2. If you need any further clarification, I'm happy to help.

    All the best!