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Has anyone tried an Element pickup under a wide bridge?

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  • Has anyone tried an Element pickup under a wide bridge?

    I have a Washburn Woodstock and I'd like to put an Element pickup under the bridge but I see that the ribbon is made for thinner bridges.

    Would the Element work for a wide bridge as well (see pic)?
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    Hi Hecube,
    The Element can be installed in a wider slot, but it can definitely cause for a more challenging installation. In some cases, you can install the pickup towards the front of the slot, and it will go in without any issues. In other cases, I've seen people install a shim, about .015" thick, behind the pickup, so that the saddle sits more evenly on the pickup, while still providing good pressure.

    There are a lot of possible issues. So if you do decide to go with the Element, make sure to have it put in by an experienced guitar tech.

    Otherwise, something like the iBeam, Lyric, or M1/M80 would all be great choices for that guitar, and wouldn't require an undersaddle pickup.


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      Hello Caleb,

      The thing is, my Woodstock has an empty hole on the side where a preamp used to be. I'd like to drop in a Stagepro Element in there to plug the hole. That's why I'm thinking of the Element pickup.

      Unfortunately, your company doesn't sell sidemount preamps anymore, so I would have to get it from eBay...


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        We still make the side-mount Stage Pro line, which includes the Stage Pro Anthem and the Stage Pro Element. Both of those systems are available in many stores locally and online.


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          But they don't appear on LR Baggs' website.

          That's why I thought they were discontinued...


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            If you go to the Element or Anthem pages, the Stage Pro version will show up under the "options" tab.