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The Venue DI Tuner Doesn't Work When Tuning Down 1/2 Step.

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  • The Venue DI Tuner Doesn't Work When Tuning Down 1/2 Step.

    Just got the Venue DI and love it. My guitar sounds great but the tuner dial just flashes when I tune down 1/2 step it doesn't say if the note is sharp or flat. How do I get it to work like normal when tuning a 1/2 step down?
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    Are you able to tune down to D? (A whole step down).

    If you're tuning you're low E down, once the lights move counter-clockwise down past the 6 o'clock mark, the tuner should start to read as D#.


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      The tuner is not working at all anymore (in normal tuning or tuned down).
      It was working fine then I tried to tune down and it hasn't worked since.
      This is what happens when I kick on the tuner.
      1) nothing (the guitar mutes but no lights on the dial light up)
      2) the lights on the dial will light up and flash on and off but the lights on the dial won't move when the pitch of the string changes.
      3) every once in a while like every 10th time I try it will work for about 3 seconds then default back to the flashing scenario (description in #2). I will be replacing the unit with another at guitar center. Too bad I am out of town on a gig right now!

      This DI is 2 days old and is running off brand ew batteries.


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        If you run into the same issue with the new unit, let me know. There's a chance you're running into the built-in timeout feature on the tuner.


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          Can you please explain what the built-in timeout feature is? Thanks!


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            The tuner will turn off after about 60 seconds, in order to save battery life. In order to re-engage it, you need to un-mute the DI, wait 2-3 seconds, and then re-mute it. That will turn the tuner back on. If you don't wait long enough in between muting and un-muting the DI, the tuner will not re-engage.

            As a side note, if you don't have the gain set correctly the tuner will receive a weak signal, and may jump around more.