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Which DI should I get?

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  • Which DI should I get?

    Want to get my acoustics set up for amplification, have several types of pickups. one a UST that sounds terrible, and a dual source mag-mic type. I know nothing about electronics but understand a good di with equalizer might help my sound. What do I need to get a decent sound going. What LR bags products would be best? will be playing by myself, and possibly with one partner thru PA systems. What reading I've done leads me to believe the Para di acoustic may be the ticket. Would I need anything else??
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    Hey kjacobs4242,
    The Para DI is definitely a great way to go. It's EQ should help you to dial in a better tone, compared to what you're getting now.

    The only other thing that I would suggest looking at would be the Session DI. Since you mentioned that you don't know electronics very well, getting a good grasp on EQ can take some time. It's absolutely worth the time and effort if you want to improve your own ears and understanding of tone. The Session DI does have significantly more simplified features though. It's not as powerful as the Para DI for specific tone shaping, but it does quite a bit in it's simplicity.

    The Para DI may well be a better choice for you, but I thought it was worth mentioning the Session DI as an option.


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      Thanx Caleb. The Para is how I'll probably go. Still unsure of what I'm doing, but I can learn anything I set my mind on.verlea