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  • Synapse Dispersion Graph

    filedata/fetch?id=7417&d=1497989191&type=thumb Synapse vs. traditional 2-way speaker.
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    This suggests that the Synapse could have benefited from a bass line out, some provision for an external sub. I suppose the mix out accomplishes that but still, .............
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      The Mix Out will easily feed a powered sub. Although for normal use with acoustic instruments, the Synapse has more than enough bass on-tap. You'd really only need a sub for a full-band or DJ setup. In those cases, using an external mixer into a sub, and then into a pair of Synapse would be the ideal setup.


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        I use a foot bass, either the porchboard bass or the travelog. Even better than a bass line out would be a flat response down to 40 Hz.

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          What are you using to amplify your foot bass now?


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            I use a Bose Model II with one or two B1's. I also have a Compact. It will work for many of the gigs I do, but lacks the bottom end for the foot drum, so consequently doesn't get used as much as it might. Since adopting the L1 systems over ten years ago small size and convenience have become addictive, but I still want big system sound.

            I remain curious about the Synapse. I trust LR Baggs in the same way I have come to trust Bose. Having used Baggs' products for over 15 years and being aware of his relationship with the designer of the L1, I know in my heart the Synapse is a good product.