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Para DI with electric guitar?

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  • Para DI with electric guitar?

    Good afternoon! My first post:

    I've owned a Para DI for quite awhile and have enjoyed using in a number of applications (acoustic guitar, electric bass), but I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with using it with electric guitar.

    Here's my story: I'm playing electric in a church Worship band, and have been using an inexpensive amp simulator pedal. This pedal has stopped working on me, and quite frankly I don't really want to get another. The other options on line are getting up there in price, so I thought to myself, why wouldn't my Para DI work!?

    Any thoughts, folks?

    Carl PC

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    Hey Carl,
    I've actually used the Para DI with my electric guitar in a few different configurations. I like it most as a simple preamp/buffer. The EQ is really handy too.

    I've only used it once or twice to actually DI into the house. It doesn't have any kind of electric amp simulation, so the DI tone is a little stale sounding if you aren't running other pedals to get your "amp" tone from. I would definitely recommend trying it to see what you think. It won't hurt.


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      Thanks Caleb.

      Did you use other pedals in your application? I guess I'm mostly concerned with hitting the input of the Para too hard (I use a TS9 overdrive and assorted delay, reverb, etc..).


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        I did use other pedals. I had my full pedal board, including a couple of overdrives, delay and reverb. As long as you set the gain on the Para DI so that it doesn't clip when you engage your drives, it should be fine.


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          Update: I'm happy to report success! My tone is spot on with A LOT of room for EQ tweaking.

          For those interested, here's my signal path:

          -Boss TU tuner
          -T-Rex Tonebug boost
          -Ibanez TS-9 (1982!) overdrive
          -Lovepedal Superlead distortion
          **PARA DI input**
          -TC Sub-n-UP octaver
          -Digitech Chorus Factory
          -Digitech Supernatural reverb
          -TC Nova Repeater digital delay

          My signal then goes direct to the board via the Para DI. I get a headphone mix from an Aviom monitor system.


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            Thanks for the update, Carl.

            I'm sure there will be people who will want to try this kind of setup.


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              Another Update:

              I've changed a couple of things and am happy to say my tone is better than before:

              - New - Earthquaker Devices Tone Job replaces the T-Rex Tonebug - a TON of tone shaping/boosting available!
              - Added - Mooer TresCab Cabinet Sim pedal - so far, so good.


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                How are you liking the Mooer? I've been hearing good things.


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                  Thanks for asking...

                  The Mooer TresCab has been working VERY well for my application. I tend to switch between 2 of the 6(?) cab simulations: 2x12 and 4x12.