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Which LRBaggs is best for an Acoustic Bass

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  • Which LRBaggs is best for an Acoustic Bass

    Hi All, I am teaching a student to build an Acoustic Bass at the moment and was wondering if any of you have had experience using any of the LR Baggs pickups in one. I have installed Elements, Ibeams and Stage Anthem Pros in various Acoustic Guitars but not done a Bass before. Any help would be appreciated.



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    Hey Martin,
    I just replied to your email.

    As I mentioned there, I really like the Element for the Acoustic Bass. It has a punchy and full low end, but maintains good feedback resistance at most most stage levels. Something like the iBeam would run into pretty severe feedback issues at most playing levels.

    The Anthem would also be compatible with Acoustic Bass. Since the Anthem mic only carries 250Hz and above, the Element in the Anthem system is still going to carry the majority of the signal. The mic might add some nice "air" or texture to the sound though. It would definitely give you more variety in the available tone.

    Either option would work well though.