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Para-Acoustic DI XLR/Phantom Power problems

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  • Para-Acoustic DI XLR/Phantom Power problems

    I got a used Para Acoustic DI years ago and it has been my faithful DI for mandolin and banjo. Recently, the XLR output doesn't work when phantom power is coming in from the board, even if I take the battery out completely. Still works fine on 9v battery power, but won't run on phantom like it should. It's a problem because we're using a condenser on a board that doesn't have individual phantom power selectors. Either all on or all off, so I have to use the 1/4" line out when we have the condenser going.

    Anybody else have similar issues? Is there a fix?

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    Hey Mando_Mike,
    Have you guys tried a few different XLR cables yet?

    I had issues with my Para DI running on Phantom a few years ago. It ended up being a bad cable. It still passed audio, but wouldn't work on Phantom Power.