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  • Actively Seeking Volume

    Hi All! I have been using the M80 pickup for over one year now and it has never failed to beautifully reproduce the highs and lows of my GUILD acoustic. Recently, in active mode, the volume knob no longer works reliably. As it is adjusted, it produces a scratching sound and does not maintain its setting – it simply turns off. A very light tap, adjustment, or finger pressure at the highest setting will trigger it to work briefly, and only sometimes at that. Obviously, that not ideal for a playing setting.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this problem. Something in the DIY department? Important note, I have installed a fresh battery.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your question.

    Please say if you see any fine metal fibers magnetized to the pole pieces that poke out of the top of the M80.

    In the DIY department: If you see metal fibers around the pole pieces, you could remove the clamp screws and remove the cream part of the top cover. Try to avoid bending it too much. Under the cover, you'd see the volume thumbwheel's three contacts and the wires connected to them. If some of the metal fibers have gotten to that location, they could bridge the contacts and disrupt the volume pot behavior.

    If you see no metal fibers, lightly manipulate the three wires to see if any of them indicate a cold solder connection to the pot contacts.

    Please reply to way what you find.


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      Thanks so much for your reply.

      I do not notice any metal fibers magnetized to the pole pieces, or underneath the top cover. Unfortunately, I didn't see the three contacts and wires you mentioned. I double checked, and it is the M80 model.

      If I turn the volume knob to the 10, with the slightest pressure, it sends a signal for a few seconds, then fails. If it is any help, I do not make it a habit to remove the pickup on a frequent basis. Only once, when I recorded in the studio. And another few times to change strings. Hopefully you might have some additional suggestions.

      Thanks again!


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        Hi SomewhereInVa,

        Thanks for checking that out and getting back to me with your findings. That's about all I know that you can investigate yourself. To clarify, the volume pot contacts are not very exposed. It may be best for you to send the pickup to us for testing and repair.

        If you'd like to do so, please call 805-929-3545, ext. 111 or email [email protected] to provide your contact info and receive a reference number.


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          Many thanks for all of your help and prompt replies. I will make efforts to contact you by phone or email and make arrangements to have the M80 tested/repaired.