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Epiphone EJ200VS pickup option

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  • Epiphone EJ200VS pickup option

    Hey all, new forum member here. Say what you will about Epiphone but I just picked up a great sounding 2007 EJ200VS and want to add a pickup to it. Lots of success with the Element VTC in my Alvarez but am wondering if this guitar would be better suited with an M1A or another soundhole pickup. Playing in live situations mostly. All in-ear monitoring, full band church setup. Thanks for the help. -Paul

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    Hey Pvezmar,
    Thanks for posting.

    The Element VTC is a solid pickup, but it doesn't capture the depth of tone from the guitar like some other systems do. But, if you like it in your Alverez, you'll probably like it in the Epiphone too. It's a very versatile and reliable pickup.

    If you want to try something different, I'd go towards something like Anthem SL, rather than the M1A. The M1A is also great for certain situations, especially if you're playing at really loud volumes. If you're playing at your church with in-ears, then the Anthem SL is a great option for a more natural sound. I use the SL in my Gibson at my church, and it's so easy to work with.


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      Hey Caleb, thanks for the reply. The Element definitely creates a crisp tone for me, which I love, however I'm wondering if it wouldn't capture the lower frequencies of the Epiphone, or rather maybe the M1A would accentuate the low frequencies. Your suggestion for a natural sound though would be the Anthem?

      edit: I see the Anthem is the Element in addition to the Tru Mic system. I am going to look into this one a bit more. Thanks for the tip.

      edit2: Anthem SL is a great looking system. I think the Anthem would be a bit much for me at my level and for the guys mixing sound. May pull the trigger on this one soon. Thanks Caleb.
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