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Preamp, DI, or EQ?

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  • Preamp, DI, or EQ?

    I just had a Anthem SL Classical installed on my Cordoba C10. I'll be playing it through my Yamaha THR5A and my 60W Fishman Loudbox Mini. What is the equipment needed to enhance its sound the most? Is an EQ pedal like MXR 10 enough? Or should I get a pre-amp like the Baggs GIGPRO to go along with the EQ? Or is a DI like the Baggs Para needed to get the best possible sound?

    Thanks very much,

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    Hi Nicolas,
    Thanks for posting.

    You'll get varying levels of control, depending on what you use. With a preamp like the Gigpro, you'll mostly have control over your level, with a little bit of basic EQ. The MXR 10-band would give you much more tonal control, but without giving you the DI option of the Para DI. Although, if you're playing through an amp most of the time, you probably won't need a DI as much. If you started playing on stages where a DI was necessary, then the Para DI would be the best of everything. For your setup, if you only want to buy one thing, the MXR EQ is probably the most helpful tool.

    Personally, I do like the added warmth of the Para DI though. Using it at all just makes your guitar sound better.