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Anthem volume loss

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  • Anthem volume loss

    I have 3 Anthems in 3 of my Alvarez Yairi guitars, the first one I purchased from and installed it in my DY-84. It sounds amazing. So I bought another one to install in my DYM-95. The problem with this anthem is that the undersaddle loses volume on the g, b, and e strings. I have changed saddle after saddle and nothing seems to work. It's also the same in the other anthem that is in my DY-57. The E, a, and d strings sounds good. I just can't figure it out. I have spent too much money on new saddles, and I need it fixed ASAP. Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    Hey there, Bigdooly,
    Saddle balance is a pretty big issue to discuss at full length over a forum. If you need a fix ASAP, then it might be best to give our support team a call at 805-929-3545. You can also message me your phone number, and we can call you at a convenient time.