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  • Dual Source Mic

    Hey Caleb,

    I have LB6s in several of my gits and keep thinking about installing the Dual Source. I have a MixPro that I was using to blend my LB6 with a PUTW SBT but I was thinking about replacing the SBT with a mini-mic of some sort. I saw a Dual Source mic for sale on Reverb and was curious if it would be possible to wire that to a standard TRS jack and power it via phantom from the MixPro?

    I know this is a Frankenstein of sorts and I should probably just install the Dual Source but I like having as much equipment on the outside as possible and was curious if this could work.


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    The Dual Source mic can definitely be powered from the Mixpro. If you wire it to the Ring contact on a TRS jack with the LB6 on the Tip, the Mixpro would be all that you need to make it work.

    The Mixpro has a lot of adjustability too. So you should be able to dial in some pretty solid sounds.


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      Perfect! That's a much easier modification than installing the entire system in my guitars. I rather like the MixPro and I like having an outboard mixer as it lets me keep the LB6 passive and solo for those gigs where you just plug in and go. This'll be a nice flexibility to have. Thanks!