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TS Cable Tip Stuck Inside Session Out Jack

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  • TS Cable Tip Stuck Inside Session Out Jack


    So... I tried to use the 1/4 inch out in my new Session DI and the tip of the 1/4 inch cable broke and now it is stuck inside of it.
    I can still use the XLR out and it works perfectly, but in case that I really need the 1/4 inch out, do you think it may be very difficult to open up the pedal and take it out?

    Any ideas on how to take it out the easiest way?

    Thank you!

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    The jack is sealed, so even if you opened the unit up you'd have to take the cable end out of the jack the same way it went in. You'll have to press the 3 contacts in the jack to the side so that the cable tip can come out.

    If you aren't able to get it out, it may be necessary to send the DI in for us to repair.


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      Hi Caleb,

      I see... well, I will take some time over the week to see if I can take it out, otherwise I will contact you to send the DI in for repair.