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    Is there or was there ever a Stage Pro Element model that was a drop-in replacement for the Fishman Prefix Premium Blender barn door preamp? I've put Elements in every other guitar I own.

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    Hey Jeff,
    We used to make a drop-in replacement for that preamp. It was called the Onboard series, and it included versions of the Element, iBeam, and iMix systems. Unfortunately, they've been discontinued for quite a while now, and we no longer have them available. Anything that's still around is probably going to be used.

    Alternatively, I've seen a few people who have adapted the Stage Pro preamp into the larger hole with an additional wooden bezel (link attached). The quality of the end-result is very dependant on the luthier who does the work.
    Replace a L.R. Baggs OnBoard Element with an L.R. Baggs Anthem Stage Pro on a carbon fiber RainSong WS-1000.