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is iBeam the answer?

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  • is iBeam the answer?

    I have a Yamaha FG720S 12-string that I would like to fit with an acoustic pickup. From what I have seen, read, and heard, I like the iBeam for its tone and ease of installation. But is it compatible with a 12-string?

    I am also wondering how to deal with the battery placement within the guitar body. Are there any diagrams or photos that would help me understand where this goes that is out of the way, yet easily accessible for battery changes?

    I am also wondering if the iBeam is available with an onboard preamp with EQ and perhaps a tuner? I know it would complicate the installation, but might be worth the effort.

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    The iBeam is an answer for many players or performance situations but not all. As a resonance-sensing contact pickup , it can be more prone to boominess or feedback at higher performance volumes than other pickup designs.

    It is equally compatible with both 6 and 12 string guitars, given the same installation conditions(enough room between the X-braces and the string ball-ends). I've not heard of any particular issues related to Yamaha guitars.

    There is no side-mount preamp/control unit available that serves the iBeam. We have two side-mount control systems in our current product line - the StagePro Element system: and the newly available StagePro Anthem system:

    Both use the same undersaddle transducer(which works equally well in 6 and 12 string guitars under the same conditions aside from number of strings) but the StagePro Anthem incorporates theTru-Mic and custom crossover blending circuit for very natural amplified sound with high feedback resistance.
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