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  • Anthem Pickup - buzz | feedback

    Hi - Thanks for letting me post. I have recently purchased a Mayson MS1 Acoustic guitar which came with the Anthem pickup, which I love.
    However when I'm plugged in through our P.A system or even my practice amp, I occasionally get a quick sharp feedback/echo, which in most cases turns into a hiss through the speakers.
    I find that this comes from when I either use a bit more force with the pick or tap on the body of the guitar to the right of the Anthem. (I've attached an image of where I tap)

    I think this could either be a loose connection coming from the Anthem or the pickup itself.

    Before I try and take a closer look, I thought I'd post here and see if anyone has some advice.

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    Hey garethwynn,
    The part of the preamp that you've indicated in the picture doesn't really have anything in or near it that would cause that kind of issue. My guess is that you may have a loose connection at the back of the preamp.

    If you're getting a sharp feedback, then you may need to turn the mic trim down. The mic trim is the small screwdriver adjustment.


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      Hi Caleb, thanks for the advice. I`ll double check at the back of the preamp and if not I`ll adjust the mic trim.