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Para DI and Existing Pedal Board

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  • Caleb_Elling
    Hey Lctricity,
    I used my Para DI on my electric guitar pedal board for a little while. When I initially set the board up I ran it as the first part of my signal chain because I wanted to utilize the preamp part of the DI, before running into my other pedals. It worked fairly well. As an experiment I switched it over to the last pedal, and I liked that much more. Of course, this was for electric guitar. When I've used effects for live acoustic performance, I always run the effects first, and then the DI. I use active systems in all of my acoustic guitars, so it's easier for me just to plug into the effects, and from the effects into the DI.

    If your guitar(s) have passive pickups, then there is a definite advantage to using the FX loop. If you are running active pickups with a healthy output level, then you can run into your effects first without any obvious issues.

    Now I use the Venue DI as my go-to for live performance. Since I don't typically use other effects for my acoustic, the Venue has everything that I need in one box.

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  • Lctricity
    started a topic Para DI and Existing Pedal Board

    Para DI and Existing Pedal Board

    Looking for suggestions and multiple options for integrating a Para DI into my existing setup.

    TC Electronics Spark Mini Boost>
    MXR Carbon Copy Delay>
    Mooer Ninety Orange Phaser>
    Boss RC-2 Loop Station

    I am opting for the Para DI over the Venue due to already having a tuning system and a boost pedal so the tuner and boost features of the Venue aren't needed. If there is an advantage of the Venue over the Para DI in my situation I'm intersted in hearing about it.

    The ability to use the XLR out on the Para DI for phantom power would be ideal. Is that possible?

    I prefer not to use the effects loop as effects loops always seems to compromise the original signal from the pedal board. Anyone experience that using the Para DI and a similar setup of pedals?

    Look forward to any insight you guys can provide. Thanks for your time!