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  • M80 Problem


    I Just bought and installa M80 in my Takamine GF30CE-BLK. Strings: brand new Martin Flexible Core SP MFX775 Phosphor Bronze .011 / .052. Sounds beautyfull but there is a problem when I hit strings with my hand - kind of percussion beat. There is strange noise - like the string touched pickup - but it doesnt. Should I lower Poles in pickup ?

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    I would recommend lowering the poles so that they are level with the top of the pickup. That should minimize the percussive tendency of hitting the strings. You may still get some of that response though. Hitting the strings will still cause the pickup to respond in a percussive way, no matter where the poles are set.


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      Here is my old piezo and magnetic mp3. I tried to lower poles but this strange beat was still there - and the output was much lower (silent).
      Does it mean that m80 is not designed to percusion style?

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        The M80 is meant to pickup the body, much more than other magnetic pickups, providing a percussive response. However, the pickup is still magnetic, so it will pick up any movement in the strings, large or small. Hitting the strings like that will cause a spike in the magnetic response of the pickup, which is what you're hearing.

        I've found that hitting the strings closer to the bridge will lessen that harsh attack response from the strings. Hitting the strings closer to the bridge doesn't move the strings as much, so it's easier to find a better balance between strumming and hitting the strings.


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          Ok. Thanks for answer.