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Anthem with Xvive wireless system

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  • Anthem with Xvive wireless system

    I recently purchased an Xvive U2 wireless System which works really well with my electric guitars and a friend's Taylor, but not with either of my guitars equipped with Anthem systems. I get a high whine on top of what seems to be a really good guitar sound, which spoils things for playback and recording.

    if I hold the Xvive transmitter, then the whine more or less goes. Is this an earthing problem or a feedback problem? Any suggestions for things to try would be welcome.

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    Hi Neil,

    Unfortunately, we've run into quite a few issues with inexpensive wireless transmitters- specifically ones that transmit at 2.4Ghz. The Line 6 G10 is one of the more popular ones in that category.

    Something about the way that they transmit signal causes major interference in active acoustic pickups (not just the Anthem), and no amount of shielding will help. I've found that adding a cable extension between the transmitter and the guitar (as short as 1') can make a pretty significant difference, but every situation has been pretty unique. Sadly, it seems to be a compatibility issue, and we haven't been able to find a permanent fix for it yet.


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      Thanks for the info, albeit a tad disappointing . It's frustrating. I have found I can suppress the whine by holding the transmitter and moving the guitar around to find the least noisey position, but then I can't play it one handed! I can also put my hand into the sound hole and grasp the wiring to reduce the noise considerably - same issue with one handed playing though. It seems like the earth supplied by a cable is needed.

      I'll try your idea of a short cable to the transmitter tomorrow. I assume you mean a 1" cable with 1/4" male and female jacks at each end?


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        A 1 foot cable with a male end and a female end.

        Or, if the noise diminishes when you touch the wireless transmitter, you may be able to add shielding to IT to reduce the noise. That's actually something I haven't tried yet.