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Scratchy volume, no sound, possible endpin problem on Lyric

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  • Scratchy volume, no sound, possible endpin problem on Lyric

    I bought the Lyric when it first came out, and I love it. Of course, two days before a gig, I get this scratch sound while adjusting the volume even though nothings getting into the amplifier. I know the endpin has something to do with it, because it makes all kinds of irritating noise if you roll the jack inside the endpin. I don't live anywhere near a luthier, so I'd happily take some advice as my gig is coming up on Saturday. I realize it's probably 4 years old, but I really haven't used it very much as I just recently started to gig. By the way, I did find a washer inside that looks as though it may have belonged on the preamp (inside the guitar), if that helps.

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    Hey Cain61,
    When you say that it makes noise when you "roll the jack inside the endpin", what exactly do you mean? Is the jack loose inside the tailblock?


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      If I roll the angled input jack in a circle it makes a popping noise. If roll the volume control it makes an audible scratchy sound. You can hear both sounds audibly through the amp. I tried different amps and cables; the issues are still the same. Thanks for responding so quickly; I'm impressed. I should have checked sooner.


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        It's probably going to be necessary to send the unit in for repair. If you want to email me at [email protected], I can get you the details.


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          Great, man. Will do. I appreciate it. Thanks. I know it's long out of warranty, but I have a gig coming up on on 10/14 that I'll need it for.