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  • Add mic to LB6

    Understanding that the LR Baggs dual source systems that included the LB6 have not been in line-up in years, do you have any suggestions of the best way to add a mic to the LB6, my favorite pickup?

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    Hey Ex202,
    There are a few different ways to use a mic with the LB6.

    The first way would be to use a Dual Source preamp, and replace the stock Element pickup with the LB6. The Dual Source has a Hi/Low gain switch that allows for compatibility with the LB6.

    The other way would be to use the LB6 and mic on a stereo jack, run into a Mixpro, or similar stereo preamp with phantom power.

    The stereo/Mixpro option can get a little complicated, so I would definitely opt for the Dual Source, if you don't run a stereo rig already.

    There are other options, but these are the easiest to implement.


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      So, the dual source pre and mic are still available? I don't see either at your website.


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        It's listed under Mixing Systems, under the options tab: