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Gigpro pre-amp with low-output internal piezo mic (Mollenhauer "elody" recorder)?

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  • Gigpro pre-amp with low-output internal piezo mic (Mollenhauer "elody" recorder)?

    Long-time multi-instrument acoustic musician new to the world of gear, having to learn in order to play quiet-voiced recorders in loud, fiddle-filled contra dance bands. I got a Mollenhauer elody alto recorder with a built-in passive piezo mic ( I have been using it to good effect with the LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI (for example, here: ), whereas plugging right into an amp or using a passive DI does not seem to work. I like this DI a lot for the sound and the fact that it can use phantom power, but it is pretty big and heavy, and I am wondering if the LR Baggs gigpro beltclip pre-amp would work (I realize I'd need to run off battery power). Any thoughts?

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    Hey DrRobin,
    Thanks for posting.

    If you really only need the preamp side of the Para DI, and you can do without the DI out and the extra EQ, the Gigpro would be a good way to go. Like you said, you'll need to run it on a battery, but the available gain is comparable to the Para DI, so it should work well for your needs.


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      Thanks, I'll give it a try!