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    I had the Anthem pickup installed a few years ago and love the sound but I am very frustrated by the battery pouch constantly falling off and flopping around inside the guitar. I've replaced the velcro countless times with industrial velcro tape and tried different mounting sites inside the guitar. I've had to replace the battery wire once because the original finally gave out after the impact of falling off so many times, and am really wishing I just got the Stagepro version at this point. Is there a sensible way to convert to a Stagepro Anthem without rebuying everything else as well? And it wasn't a DIY install for those that may wonder. The installer is the go to guy for most everyone I know in my music community. The guitar is custom built by a local luthier and I am ignorant as to what kind of process he could have used that might make adhesive not stick, but whatever the reason, the adhesive pouch isn't cutting it for me at this point. Thanks so much for any and all help on the subject!


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    Hey Chris,
    The Stage Pro Anthem actually uses all of the same connection types as the regular Anthem. So you should be able to have your local LR Baggs dealer custom order you a Stage Pro Anthem preamp only. You'll obviously have to get the hole cut in the side of the guitar, but all of the connections will be plug and play.


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      Another option would be to have a battery box installed in your guitar. You could have it installed down near the end block where it is mostly out of sight.


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        Does the velcro come loose from the wood, or does the pouch come loose from the velcro? If the velcro is not sticking to the wood, have the luthier clean the wood with naptha, apply some shellac to the wood where the velcro goes, then reinstall the velcro. Sometimes if the wood is oily velcro won't stick well. The shellac should give it a good surface to stick to.


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          Thanks so much for the responses! Sound pretty straight forward, then! Tonedog, the velcro is coming loose from the wood. It stayed on for a bit at first, but once it came loose, I can't get any tape to stick very long. I also wouldn't mind not having to loosen all my strings every time I need to change the battery so the battery box may be the best idea all around, though having a built in tuner would be nice as well. Both options sound great, so again, I thank you both.