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  • Stage Pro Element Low E String Super Loud


    I'm new to the forum (just found it) and I have a newly acquired carbon fiber guitar with an Active Element system that's giving me headaches -

    I've tried leveling the saddle multiple times using a piece of glass as a flat base with fine grit sandpaper taped to it and a wood blocked clamped down to keep everything perpendicular. It helped a little, but not significant. I've used painter's tape to shim the saddle under the other softer strings and this also had a small impact.
    To make the guitar work in performance I'm doing some rather extreme parametric equalizing (using an Empress Para EQ) and a Fishman Spectrum DI with all three notch filters activated. I've got the bass tuned down in the mixer channel too. The guitar is sounding pretty unnatural with all this intervention. It seems like this shouldn't be that hard BTW - the guitar is an Emerald X20 (fully hollow/no braces CF guitar) playing through a Yamaha PA.

    Any advice is very much appreciated!


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    Hey Matt,
    I responded to the email you sent in. Let me know if you didn't get it.