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Baggs Vio bridge too thick?

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  • Caleb_Elling
    Hey Squid,
    The bridge that we provide is intended to be fitted to the instrument by a Luthier. So it can be thinned slightly or shortened from the top in order to work best with your instrument.

    Over-thinning the bridge can cause the bridge to warp over time, but it shouldn't damage the pickup.

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  • Squid
    started a topic Baggs Vio bridge too thick?

    Baggs Vio bridge too thick?

    Got my baggs vio pickup installed last week. My fiddle sounds great plugged in! But the sound acoustically has changed quite a bit. It's just not as punchy as it used to be. I note that the new bridge that came with the pickup is a little bit thicker than the old one, and I've read that can dramatically effect the sound. Can I get a luthier to shave the bridge down a little, without damaging the piezo element?