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Battery Draining and Crackling in Anthem True Mic

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  • Battery Draining and Crackling in Anthem True Mic

    I've had the Anthem True Mic installed in my Martin HD28-MP for a couple of months. Apart from a couple issues that I've been having with the pickup system, the quality of the sound that I've got out of it is fantastic.

    The two problems that I've been having might be related, but they are as follows. 1) I've noticed that it goes through a 9V about every 5 playing hours. I had a gig last weekend and installed a new 9V and played a little last night and the guitar was exhibiting all the signs of low battery, changed the battery out and we were good to go...except 2) when I play on the guitar hard or move around to much, I get a very loud crackling. Signal cuts out completely and all that comes out is crackling.

    I had the system installed in my guitar a couple months ago at a LR Baggs Vendor, so I'm almost positive its covered under warranty. I'm just wondering if this is the sign of a faulty installation, or if this problem is common across a True Mics?

    Any and all feedback will be appreciated!

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    Hi MTH,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The battery drain issue is very odd as you should expect at least 170 hours of plugged-in time.

    Please clarify if you have the standard Anthem or the Anthem-SL model? Which one you have will affect trouble-shooting suggestions.


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      Thanks for the reply, Bryan. I have the standard Anthem with the Piezo and Mic.


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        Thanks for saying which version of the Anthem you have.

        I can confirm that the symptoms you've encountered are NOT NORMAL and that we will help resolve the issue in any way we can.

        The battery drain concern is the first I'd like to confirm. You mentioned hearing indication of low battery and that changing the battery seemed to remedy it. Did the battery check readout confirm the low battery at that time?

        Are you comfortable with reaching into the soundhole and manipulating wires and/or plug connections to the Anthem preamp?


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          The battery readout did not indicate that the battery was low. The first time this happened I changed the Peavy (I didn't know they had a battery brand) battery that the installer gave me out. I thought, well it might just be a bum battery because it's a one off brand, and I put a duracell in. That lasted about 5 playing hours, through my gig last weekend and then shot out on me on Monday night. Neither time the battery indicator read low.

          I am comfortable with reaching in and manipulating wires as long as that doesn't change my coverage under the warranty.


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            Thanks for replying with that info. If the system were draining the battery, the batt-check readout should reflect that. It makes me wonder if one issue appeared to be another, either by coincidence or interpretation.

            Please say if it appears that any wires are able to swing about inside the guitar body when it's moved. If so, can you cause any crackling by shaking the guitar?

            I suggest moving the battery wire so it flexes near its connection to the preamp. Also, push on the output harness connection to the preamp.

            Please say if moving either wire causes popping or crackling.