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Tru-Mic Sound with too much "room"

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  • Tru-Mic Sound with too much "room"

    Hey there, nice to find a forum from l.r. Baggs!

    Im from Germany so plz excuse if i cannot find the perfect words to explain my problem to you but i will try my best.

    I got a Sigma S000MC-GA, a really great guitar. It came with a Fishman Presys Blend but the sound of it was more than worse in my ears.. no Body around 80 - 200hz.. so i bought the StagePro Anthem System which i sucessfully installed. The Piezo works fine and i placed the Tru-Mic right under the Bridge (the "usual" position, you can see on almost all pictures)

    I also own a Lakewood-Jumbo with a factory installed Anthem System, but for stage i want a smaller guitar. So lets come to my "Problem"..

    When i record all guitars in Sonar.. right out of the Box.. 100% Mic without EQ and effects, the Sigmas Tru-Mic sounds quite a bit "roomy"..i dont have it with the Lakewoods Tru-Mic! If i work with a EQ on the Sigmas Tru-Mic Record and give the frequences 3k - 5k a bit more gain, it gets more present.

    Maybe i need to choose an other Mic-Position in a 000 Guitar and the guitar ceiling sways in a different way? Is there someone who knows the issue?

    The Picture shows the Tru-Mic position in the Sigma

    Greetings from Germany
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    Additional: ..i can hear a slight mic hiss when i play the sigmas tru mic... i cant hear it on my lakewoods tru it the stagepro preamp?


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      Hello Burnst,
      Have you made any adjustments to the Anthem's Mic Trim control? That's the small trim pot that is adjustable with the provided screwdriver. Turning that control up will give you more mid and high frequency response from the mic.


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        Hey there! Thx for your reply!

        Oh.. i thought it was the volume of the Tru Mic.. but i tried it a few minutes ago. I can hear a big rise of the mids and high frequencys, but neverless it sound like the mic stands 4 m away and im playing in my bathroom.. maybe im exaggerating but if i compare it with my lakewood there is such a big difference. i tried 3 mic front of the pins.. behind the pins and on the treble side of the pins... nothing gets close to the presence of the lakewood.

        but the worst thing is... i can hear how the hissing comes up if i push the mix button to the mic.. and if i give the tru-mic more mids and highs the hissing gets much louder! The crazy thing about this.. If i plug the sigma off and plug the lakewood in.. nothing is hissing.. with the same gain setting. should i give you a soundfile?

        noted: The Lakewood got the system in the soundhole without the big preamp...
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          Originally posted by Burnst View Post
          should i give you a soundfile?
          If you could send me a sound clip at [email protected], I can definitely take a listen.