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  • element system plus magnetic

    Hi guys, i want to know how can i mix ON-Board a magnetic piezo Element with magnetic. i been using the Element with great results, but in my last build i went with magnetic and piezo using an Bartolini buffer, but piezo had a very low output. needed to add a trim pot to magnetic to get good balance between 2.

    i read that Element system can be used WITH magnetic. but really want to get a mono output.

    Here are a two videos, the first is just with LR Baggs Element system, and second with Piezo/magnetic with Bartolini buffer.

    Here’s a gorgeous Colibri Gedovius Singlecut 4 String Fretless.Mahogany Neck and Body, 30″ Scale, Palo Escrito Top, Macassar Ebony Fretless Fretboard and Bri...

    Fer Ruvel probando su Gedovius 5 , magnética y piezo. grabado en el taller con iphone y micrófono apogee

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    The regular iMix (not Onboard) should work quite well to mix the Element with magnetic pickups. Babicz guitars used an iMix for that exact purpose for many years.

    Getting the system to fit in that instrument would be the tricky part, but it should absolutely be possible.

    If you plug the magnetic pickups into the iBeam channel on the iMix, you will get a gain control to adjust the level too.