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lyric suddenly sounding bad

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  • lyric suddenly sounding bad

    Hi, I had my luthier install a lyric in my Martin D28. The first couple of days with it in it sounded fantastic. I gigged with it a couple of days ago and was so pleased with how it sounded. Yesterday when I plugged in it sounded very "boxy" with quite pronounced mids. I tweaked the presence but no change. I plug into a zoom A3 into digitech jamman looper into line6 stagesource pa. Has any one else had the same issue? Could it be a faulty unit? I changed no settings so I am completely in the dark as to how the sound can change so dramatically so suddenly. Thanks From Darren in New Zealand
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    Hey Darren,
    It's not likely that anything has changed in the Lyric since it was put it. The Lyric can sound a bit mid-heavy in some guitars (and mic placements).

    Have you tried bypassing the Zoom yet? You mentioned that you haven't changed the settings, but it still might be worth trying.


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      Yes I tried bypassing the zoom and going direct into pa but sound was no better. What is unusual is that the pickup sounded fantastic for the first couple of days and then it suddenly completely changed the way it sounds. I took the guitar to the luthier who installed the pickup today to see if he noticed anything strange about the pickup. As soon as he plugged it in to his amp he noticed immediately that the sound was totally different. All the bass frequencies were gone and it made my Martin sound like a $200 guitar. I have contacted the seller that I bought the pickup off through Ebay and have requested a replacement. Hopefully they are willing to change it as the sound I had for the first couple of days was exactly as I was expecting /hoping from the lyric. I believe that it must be a faulty unit as there is really no other explanation.


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        That's extremely odd. If you aren't able to get any help from the seller, let me know at [email protected].