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Hearing the radio in Anthem

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  • Hearing the radio in Anthem

    1995 Taylor 815 with the Anthem pick-up. I'm hearing white noise that is definetly coming from the pick-up. When I turn it up very high, and can hear a radio station well enough to recognize the songs. Any ideas?

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    Hey akoostick,
    Have you heard the same radio noise in multiple locations and PA or amp systems? Or is it limited to a single location?

    Also, does the white noise change at all when you change the mix on the Anthem?


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      I've only heard the radio at my house in my system. But I'm not sure if I would hear it in a noisy environment.

      But today, it appears my problem is mute since the preamp has gone out. I was doing a sound check this morning when it started popping every time I strummed. Then the mic dropped out completely. When I moved the selector knob to the mic, I lost all sound. I checked the internal connections, everything was good. If I tapped the guitar top above the preamp, the mic would pop in for a second, then cut back out with a loud pop.

      When I got home, I took the strings off and checked both pick-ups. Both seem to be fine. The balance control knob would not have any effect on the Piezo, the volume of it would remain the same. The mic was still affected by the knob, but it would pop in and out. My Dad has been repairing audio equipment professionally for 30 years. He helped me check it out. He said he believes it's the preamp.

      I bought it a little less than two years ago, and I really baby my equipment. Is there a replacement for the preamp without having to buy the whole package since the mic and piezo seem to be fine?


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        Shoot me an email at [email protected], and I will do what I can to help you out.