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String balance on Antehm

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  • String balance on Antehm


    I'm struggling problem with my brand new L. R. Baggs Anthem mic setup. I got old fender acoustic guitar which i wanted to give a new life with proper miking. Installation of Anthem was made by professional guitar builder. After i received it i noticed string balance was not good, so i took it back to his workshop. Now i got it home second time and i'm still facing the problem. And i'm getting quite annoyed by this situation with my guitar.

    So when guitar was on workshop on first place it was completely maintained, fretboard was filed, new strings, saddle was fiddled a bit lower and top and lower end saddle got new saddle bones. Guitar is now so smooth to play, but have problem with new miking.

    Problem is that D and G strings are way behind to be balanced with other strings, and no matter how i adjust settings on Anthem problem stays more or less same, how i hear it the problem is more on piezo mic than true mic inside of guitar. Now no matter how i adjust, D and G strings are way behind and low E and A are pushing over all other strings so badly.

    So what to do, should i take guitar to another workshop to check, could i do more myself ( i just checked saddle and saddle bone and they are true flat, and bone fits on saddle without any movement top to end.) Or could i have some problems with new piezo mic? Have anyone had new mic a bit like "monday" version?


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    Hello Hawrag,
    I responded to your email earlier today. I can repost my response here, if you like.