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    Hey, I'm new to the live and plugged in shows with my banjo. I have a Gold Tone OB250 and I use the LR Baggs banjo bridge paired with the session DI. Last night we played a show at one of our legendary blues bars here and I was getting feedback probably from the monitors facing right at me. I was just plugged right in to the venues system. I adjusted my notch filter a bit and and couldn't get rid of it. The guitar was a bit loud coming out of the monitors and really couldn't hear the banjo at all. It really messed with my performance. Help.

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    Hey Taterus,
    To fight feedback with a Banjo, there are a few things that you can do.

    With the Session DI, you'll definitely want to start by engaging the High Pass Filter to reduce unwanted low-frequencies. You can probably get away with the 200Hz setting, without ruining the Banjo's low end. Then, if you're getting active feedback, press the phase button in and out to find which phase is the most stable. After setting the phase, you can engage the Notch to reduce or remove any additional feedback.

    Banjo top's are VERY sensitive, since they are so thin. So reducing other bass-heavy instruments in your monitor will also help your Banjo.


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      Thanks Caleb! I appreciate the help.