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M1 Active sudden malfunction

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  • M1 Active sudden malfunction

    hi everyone!

    i have been using the M1 Active for live performances for about four years, and it has been a solid piece of equipment that never made any trouble. i didn't play gigs in a while (about a year maybe), and when i had a performance last week, there suddenly was a not-very-loud but persistent high-pitched hum coming from my guitar. it didn't change when i moved around on stage and it didn't really change when i touched the pins. it did become louder as soon as i put my fingers on the strings and started playing.
    i can't really replicate it in my rehearsal space, where i don't play over a PA but over the monitor speakers of my home studio. i tried it again in a different venue last weekend (much smaller PA, tiny mixer, generally smaller setup) and the issue was the same. we also noticed that the signal coming out of the M1 was very quiet.
    back home, i plugged the guitar into my mixer and after that directly into my audio interface, and i realized in both setups that have to turn the volume knobs all the way up to get a good signal. i am quite certain this has never been the case before.
    i took the pickup out of the guitar, i checked the wiring (nothing looks suspicious), i changed the battery. but the signal's still too low.

    i don't have time between now and my next gig to have it looked at (i might have to buy a new pickup to play the next gig, ugh), but has anyone ever encountered this issue before?
    and advise?

    it's been a pretty frustrating day on the guitar pickup front, haha.

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    Hey Feathersandtwine,
    I've seen pickups that will begin to hum over time, but that in conjunction with the low output is really odd. If you want to email me at [email protected], I can go over some troubleshooting and/or repair options with you.